Prisoner Civil Rights Complaint Services Update

Prisoner Civil Rights ComplaintIn Glenn Painter’s highly praised criminal thriller Beyond the Sentence the protagonist, Jason Bishop, is forced to suffer through multiple injustices by the prison system including virtual torture rape, unattended medical trauma, misclassification.

He is then left on his own to fight for his rights(because of his incarceration).

Sadly his story is one heard all too often from incarcerated individuals. After experiencing criminal acts by prison guards and staff within the very prisons that are supposed to keep them safe they are left alone to navigate the chaotic world of defending themselves within the justice system.

Thankfully, Jason is intelligent and savvy and knows where and how to find information to support his case. This is simply not the case for so many inmates. Left with nowhere to turn they become a statistic. They join the ranks of numerous other incarcerated persons who experience injustice and have nowhere to turn.

Mr. Painter is well versed in the justice system as his stunning novel Beyond the Sentence shows full well. He is now taking his knowledge and putting it to good use to assist inmates who need help fighting for their rights. Glenn has been diligently working on his new company, Prisoner Civil Rights Complaint Services, with the goal of assisting prisoners and their families file complaints against injustice’s they have experienced during incarceration.

There are so many legal loopholes that inmates must jump through to have their cases heard. Prison guards as well as staff have the luxury of relying on their employers for legal representation while inmates must fend for themselves. Paper work must be filed within a timely manner.

This paper work must be filed with resources inmates do not have access to while he/she is still incarcerated and the task can be daunting. This is why Glenn Painter has decided to form this new company. He will work alongside the inmate and corresponding family members to ensure that the paperwork is filed properly and within a timely manner. You don’t have to go at this alone. Glenn will work and fight with you in your quest to seek justice.

Glenn Painter is more than an author. He is an advocate for the rights of inmates. Let him assist you or your loved ones in the fight against the rampant injustices of the prison system. Glenn has secured a P.O. Box and a number to call where he can be reached for consultation. He next plans on contacting inmates in South Florida prisons who feel their constitutional rights have been violated.

However, location is not a factor in his ability to assist prisoners and their families. Contact him today. He is ready, able, and willing to help you win the fight against crimes committed within the prison system.

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