Beyond The Sentence

Glenn Painter - Beyond The Sentence

Beyond The Sentence by Glenn Painter

A Jason Bishop Novel

New book “Beyond the Sentence” from Author Glenn Painter is the harrowing story of one man's struggle against a system that has incorrectly convicted and sentenced him to unjust incarceration.

Glenn Painter's "Beyond the Sentence" is a spotlight shining upon the failures of the justice system in American society! Beyond the Sentence is a work of fiction that is inspired by actual events. This novel will clearly show what can and does happen both criminally and civilly in this one sided system.

Jason Bishop was an individual that was sentenced to a ten year prison term by a system that made its own rules and denied him of certain Constitutional rights under the 6th amendment.

Two years after his sentence, certain staff members committed another Constitutional violation under the 8th amendment of his civil rights amounting to DELIBERATE INDIFFERENCE, when he was tortured and left for dead.

After numerous hospital stays, Mr. Bishop filed a Federal Claim against these individuals. He had NO choice but to fight this alone because of his incarceration while these individuals, who are not immune to prosecution, were represented by the Attorney General of the State of Georgia.

After fighting this claim single handily, he was released five years early to another State only to be further attacked by the State of Georgia.

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