Book Expo America 2020 Is Close at Hand

Book Expo America


Can you sense the excitement swelling in the air book lovers? The 2020 Book Expo America is swiftly approaching and will commence Wednesday May 27, 2020 in New York City and I will be attending.

This is an exciting place to be for those who enjoy all manner of Genres and authors alike. The Expo affords attendees a chance to meet authors, enjoy book signings, and pursue the latest and greatest offers from the most talented authors around.

Glenn will be promoting his book titled Wired By The FBI and will be highlighted on VBT in April for 15 weeks.

“I am extremely thrilled to be attending such a prestigious conference and cannot wait to share it with all my readers. “Wired” by the FBI is full of organized crime, murder, police corruption, drug dealing, sex, and bravery when the FBI recruits a small-time criminal to wear a wire in one of the most violent jails in the United States in order to get a taped confession from a former corrupt cop, (Scott Mason) who has been arrested for murder”.

“Wired” by the FBI is garnered for seamless storytelling, highly provocative research base, and gut wrenching portrayal of protagonist Christian Romano. If mystery/suspense based on a true story with compelling characters and meticulous attention to detail are your speed, look no further than “Wired” by the FBI. I attended Book Expo America last year and I feel that the 2020 conference will be just as successful, if not more, for my new novel as well as upcoming books. I may be a new face in the publishing world, but I am here to stay with other stories on the way. My goal is to be a new generation of American storyteller's, and I am on my way”.

Make your reservations now for this exciting event and an opportunity to meet other authors.

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